All final papers (tar file with index)

Conference Papers


Sediment Acoustics

Wave and material properties of marine sediments:  theoretical relationships for geoacoustic inversions  (M. Buckingham, MPL/SIO, UCSD – Invited Speaker)

Empirical predictions of seafloor properties based on remotely measured sediment impedance  (M. Richardson, NRL- Stennis,  K. Briggs )

Using buried directional receivers in high-frequency seafloor studies (J. Osler, Defence R&D Canada,  A. Lyons)

Geoacoustic inversion of broadband data from the Florida Straits (R. Chapman, University of Victoria,  Y. Jiang)

High-frequency rapid geo-acoustic characterization (K. Heaney, Lockheed Martin ORINCON)

Ambient Noise

High-frequency geoacoustic inversion of ambient noise data using a short arrays (M. Siderius, SAIC,  C. Harrison)

Mid to high-frequency ambient noise anisotropy and notch-filling mechanisms (P. Ferat, Johns Hopkins University/APL,  J. Arvelo

Measurements and predictions of high frequency ambient noise (A. Holden, DSTL)


Time Reversal Methods

Ultrasonic time reversal mirrors (M. Fink, ESPCI – Invited Speaker)


Time reversal ocean acoustic experiments at 3.5 kHz: Applications to active sonar and undersea communications (H. Song, MPL/SIO-UCSD,  P. Roux, T. Akal, G. Edelmann, W. Higley, W. Hodgkiss, W. Kuperman, K. Raghukumar, M. Stevenson)


Time-reversal and spatial diversity: issues in a time-varying geometry test (S. Jesus, SiPLAB-FCT, University of Algarve,  A. Silva)


Acoustic communication using time-reversal signal processing: spatial and frequency diversity (D. Rouseff, APL-University of Washington, J. Flynn, J. Ritcey, W. Fox)


A high-frequency active underwater acoustic barrier experiment using a time reversal mirror; model-data comparison (A. Tesei, NATO Undersea Research Centre,   H. Song, P. Guerrini, P. Roux, W. Hodgkiss, T. Akal,  M. Stevenson, W. Kuperman)


Underwater Acoustic Communications I 

Environmental and motion effects on orthogonal frequency division multiplex on-off keying (P. Gendron, NRL,  T. Yang)


Environmental effects on phase coherent underwater acoustic communications:  a perspective from several experimental measurements (T. Yang, NRL)


The impact of underwater acoustic channel structure and dynamics on the performance of adaptive coherent equalizers (J. Preisig, WHOI)


High-frequency FH-FSK underwater acoustic communications:  the environmental effect and signal processing (W. Yang, NRL,  T. Yang)

   Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Boundary Interactions I 

Progress and research issues in high-frequency seafloor scattering (D. Jackson, APL-University of Washington – Invited Speaker)


Modeling shallow water propagation with scattering from rough boundaries (E. Thorsos, APL-University of Washington,  F. Henyey, W. Elam, S. Reynolds, K. Williams)


Mid frequency sonar backscatter measurements from a rippled bottom (J.Lopes, NSWC,  R. Lim, K. Commander)


The dependence of long-range reverberation on bottom roughness (R. Gauss, NRL, D. Fromm, K. LePage, R. Gragg)


Environmental effects of waveguide uncertainty on coherent aspects of propagation, scattering and reverberation (K. LePage ,NRL,   B. McDonald)

   Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Underwater Acoustic Communications II

Spatio-temporal focusing for elimination of multipath effects in high rate acoustic communications (M. Stojanovic, MIT)


Synthetic undersea acoustic transmission channels (D. Green, Benthos,  J. Rice)


Underwater acoustic communication channel capacity: a simulation study (T. Hayward, NRL, T. Yang)Wednesday, March 3, 2004

   Wednesda, March 3, 2004


HF Doppler acoustic imaging of the ocean surface and interior (R. Pinkel, SIO-UCSD – Invited Speaker, J. Smith)


Detection of high-frequency sources in random/uncertain media (L. Sibul, ARL-Pennsylvania State University,  C. Coviello, M. Roan)


Modeling acoustic signal fluctuations induced by sea surface roughness (R. Heitsenrether, College of Marine Studies-University of Delaware,  M. Badiey)


Marine Mammals

The dolphin sonar: excellent capabilities in spite of some mediocre properties (W. Au, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology – Invited Speaker)


Active sonar and the marine environment (E. Sevaldsen, FFI/NDRE,  P. Kvadsheim)


Acoustic propagation studies for sperm whale phonation analysis during LADC experiments (N. Sidorovskaia, University of Louisiana at Lafayette,  G. Ioup, J. Ioup, J. Caruthers)


Predicting the environmental impact of active sonar (A. Duncan, Center for Marine Science-Curtin University of Technology,   R. McCauley, A. Maggi)


Biomimetic target classification (A. Abawi, SAIC,  M. Porter, C. Tiemann, P. Hursky, S. Martin)


Underwater ambient noise and sperm whale click detection during extreme wind speed conditions (J. Newcomb, NRL-Stennis,  A. Wright, S. Kuczaj, R. Thames, W. Hillstrom, R. Goodman)


Boundary Interactions II

Nonlinear bubble dynamics and the effects on propagation through the near-surface bubble layers  (T. Leighton, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research-University of Southampton – Invited Speaker)


On the relationship between signal bandwidth and frequency correlation for surface forward scattered signals (L. Culver, ARL-University of Pennsylvania, D. Bradley)


The sea surface bounce channel: bubble-mediated energy loss and time/angle spreading (P. Dahl, APL-University of Washington)


The influence of the sea surface and fish on long-range reverberation (R. Gauss, NRL,  D. Fromm, K. LePage, J. Fialkowski, R.. Nero)


Underwater Acoustic Communications III: KauaEx

The Kauai Experiment (M. Porter, SAIC,  P. Hursky, M. Siderius, M. Badiey, J. Caruthers, W. Hodgkiss, K. Raghukumar, D. Rouseff, W. Fox, C. de Moustier, B. Calder, B. Kraft, V. McDonald, P. Stein, J. Lewis, S. Rajan)


Telesonar testbed instrument provides a flexible platform for acoustic propagation and communication research in the 8-50kHz band (V. McDonald, SPAWARSYSCEN,  P. Hursky, The KauaiEx Group)


Channel effects on direct-sequence spread spectrum rake receiver during KauaiEx 2003 Experiment (P. Hursky, SAIC,  V. McDonald, The KauaiEx Group)


Impact of thermocline variability on underwater acoustic communications: results from KauaiEx  (M. Siderius, SAIC,  M. Porter, The KauaiEx Group)


Target Modeling

Virtual source approach to scattering from partially buried elastic targets (H. Schmidt, Department of Ocean Engineering, MIT – Invited Speaker)


A finite-element tool for scattering from localized inhomogeneities and submerged elastic structures (M. Zampolli, NATO Undersea Research Centre,  D. Burnett, F. Jensen, A. Tesei, H. Schmidt, J. Blottman III)


High-frequency material-dependent scattering processes for tilted truncated cylindrical and disk-shaped targets (P. Marston, Department of Physics-Washington State University)


Towards a deterministic high frequency shallow water ray propagation model (L. Pautet, NATO Undersea Research Centre,  E. Pouliquen)


Experiments and Measurement Techniques I (Panama City)

Panama City 2003 broadband shallow-water acoustic coherence experiments (S. Stanic, NRL-Stennis,   E. Kennedy, D. Malley,  B. Brown, R. Meredith, R.. Fisher, H. Chandler, R. Ray, R. Goodman)


A high-speed, multi-channel data acquisition system (D. Malley, NRL-Stennis,  R. Brown, E. Kennedy, R. Meredith, H. Chandler, S. Stanic)


Panama City 2003 acoustic coherence experiments: environmental characterization (R. Meredith, NRL-Stennis,  R. Fisher, S. Stanic,  E. Kennedy, D. Malley, R. Brown,)


Broadband horizontal and vertical spatial coherence measurements (T. Ruppel, NRL-Stennis,  S. Stanic, G. Norton, R. Meredith, E. Kennedy, R. Goodman, M. Wilson)


Broadband temporal coherence results from the June 2003 Panama City coherence experiments (H. Chandler, NRL-Stennis,  S. Stanic, E. Kennedy, R. Meredith, R. Goodman)


Panama City 2003 acoustic coherence experiments: low frequency bottom penetration fluctuation measurements in a multi-path environment (R. Meredith, NRL-Stennis,  E. Kennedy, D. Malley, R. Fisher, R. Brown,  S. Stanic)


Systems and Applications

Navy applications of high-frequency acoustics  (H. Cox, Lockheed Martin ORINCON – Invited Speaker


Mid-frequency signal fluctuations and target localization (W. Hodgkiss, MPL/SIO-UCSD,  G. D’Spain, D. Ensberg)


Detection of direct-path arrivals for multi-narrowband sequences (3-30 kHz) in shallow water (A. Zoksimovski,Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping-University of New Hampshire,  C. de Moustier)


A new synthetic aperture sonar design with multipath mitigation  (M. Pinto, NATO Undersea Research Centre,  A. Bellettini, L. Wang, P. Munk, V. Myers, L. Pautet)


Experiment and Measurement Techniques II (KauaiEx and ElbaEx)

Results from the Elba HF-2003 experiment (F. Jensen, NATO Undersea Research Centre, M. Porter, M. Siderius, V. McDonald, M. Badiey, D. Kilfoyle, L. Freitag)


Ocean variability effects on high-frequency acoustic propagation in KauaiEx  (M. Badiey, University of Delaware,   S. Forsythe, Mike Porter, The KauaiEx Group)


Side-scan sonar survey operations in support of KauaiEx  (J. Caruthers, Department of Marine Sciences-University of Southern Mississippi,  E. Quiroz,  C. Fisher,, R. Meredith, N. Sidorovskaia, The KauaiEx Group)


High frequency tomography using bottom-mounted transducers (J. Lewis, Scientific Solutions,  P. Stein, S. Rajan, J. Rudzinsky, A. Vandiver, The KauaiEx Group)